Episode 102 - Patchwork Heart Radio - Bill Snyder Interview

November 15th, 2017

Episode 102 Show Notes for Bill Snyder Interview 


Bill Snyder is the founder of “Patchwork Heart Radio.”

Patchwork Heart Ministry started in 2012. The name came about as a result of heart problems he had.  The ministry is meant to impact youth and adults in the Catholic Faith.

He shares his story of how he has gone through three open heart surgeries in his life.

He fosters discipleship through the “Culture of Death” and Bill goes into detail about what that means.

Bill talks about the obstacles he has had to overcome in his life and his ministry.  In addition to his heart surgeries, he had a stroke and had to relearn almost everything from feeding himself to typing to driving a car. The point he makes in his talks to groups is “always keep fighting.”

We went into detail on all of the above in Episode 6 of the “Everything Church Related Podcast” (available here:

Bill talks about his new podcast that airs on Evangelism Radio (www.evangelismradio.com) every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 7:30pm ET / 6:30pm CT.

Bill, tell us about  Young Catholics Respond…

Bill shares about how the name for his program came about…

Bill shares about how his Podcast started…

Bill shares about how he attends “ministry trade shows” and that helps him find guests for his podcast – as well as contacting prior ministry leaders from his radio station days…

Bill shares how being on Evangelism Radio helps him to “Get the Word Out” around the world!


Website:  www.patchworkheart.org

Podcast:  “Patchwork Heart Radio / Young Catholics Respond” also available at www.patchworkheart.org

Or through the RSS feed: http://patchworkheart.podbean.com/feed/

Blog: www.patchworkheartministry.blogspot.com


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