50 When A Good Church Goes Bad - Casey Sebella Interview

August 9th, 2017

Episode 50 – When A Good Church Goes Bad – Interview with Casey Sebella


Pastor Casey Sebella is the pastor of great church located in Waterbury, Connecticut, “Motion Church.” I love that name as it signifies “continual movement – never idle” – Amen!

Pastor Casey Sabella has started a ministry called “Ministers Toolbox” – which a special place for pastors to connect, find advice, encouragement and resources to help them do the most important job in the world – to minister, teach and equip believers in the Word of God.

Pastor Casey has written numerous books and e-books – all available on Amazon or Kindle…but the book I want to talk to you about today, is “When A Good Church Goes Bad.” Just for the people listening, “When a Good Church Goes Bad” is a book that talks about things that many in the church do not want to talk about…especially pastors who are doing this to the people…SPIRITUAL ABUSE!

Background on Pastor Casey and his ministry…

“When A Good Church Goes Bad” book

Examples of “Spiritual Abuse”

Difference between a “church with problems” and a “problem church.”

If a person leaves a problem church – does that solve the problem?

If a person were to leave an abusive church – should they tell the leadership first, or just stop attending?

What about these same people attending a new church – should they discuss the issues with their new church leadership?

“The Book Club for Ministers”



Why does the pastor keep talking about “tithes” all of the time? Surely the church doesn’t need the money as much as I do… How do you respond to that?

How do you handle strife in your ministry?

-“How would you handle someone in your ministry that was caught stealing ministry funds?”

-“How would you handle a senior ministry staff member being caught in adultery?

-“How would you explain these things to the church?”

“In your opinion what is the number one demonic force today?”


Last Question: If you woke up tomorrow morning and realized your entire life was a dream…but yet you were able to keep all the experiences and complete memory of everything that happened, what would you do, how would you go about doing it and why?





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