49 Bader Field: How My Family Survived Suicide - Interview with Carl David

August 4th, 2017

Episode 49 Show Notes for Carl David Interview

“How My Family Survived Suicide”


My guest today is Carl David, author of “Bader Field: How My Family Survived Suicide.” Carl’s brother committed suicide when Carl was just 16 years old. Since then, he has been on a mission to save lives…even if it’s just one.

Carl fill us in on his background and what happened to his brother and how that impacted him and his family?

I told Carl that a very good friend of mine committed suicide just this past winter (2016). Although I had not spoken to him in about 3 years or so, since my retirement from the police department I was on, I always say that if you lined up 100 people and told me to pick the 10 that would NEVER consider that option, my friend would have been one of the ten. By that, I mean he was always talking about his faith; he was always there to help people, etc. So it took everybody by shock when it happened. I talked to his supervisor, who is also a good friend of mine…and he had no clue that there were any issues. None.

Carl explains that in many cases, that is the normal perspective of most people. But if you ‘know what to look for” – there may be some clues to what they are planning.

Were there any signs or clues that you saw or that realized you saw once you became educated in what to look for, concerning your brother?

How did you become so involved in being a suicide prevention advocate?

What are the current statistics on the number of suicides in America? What about “attempted suicides?” Do they even track those numbers?

What should someone do if they suspect a person they care about is considering taking their own life?

Can you tell us a little about your book?

Do you travel to do seminars and things like that?

Well folks, I hope you have learned as much as I have today. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problems. Unfortunately, it is an attempt for a solution that offers no chance for a “do over”…or to ever change your mind.

Carl, you have given us a lot to think about…my prayer is that God will continue to open doors for you; to give a platform to you that will save somebody who is contemplating suicide; that the eyes and ears of someone close to them will recognize it and, through God’s Mercy, will be able to make a successful intervention and save that person’s life.

Please order Carl’s book, “Bader Field: How My Family Survived Suicide” – available on Amazon and his website.


Book: Bader Field: How My Family Survived Suicide – Amazon Kindle Edition

Email: carledavid@gmail.com




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