48 - Hearts of Purpose - Amazing True Stories of Amazing Women - Interview with Gail Nordskog

August 2nd, 2017

Episode 48 Show Notes for Gail Nordskog –

“Hearts of Purpose” Book Interview


Gail Nordskog is the co-publisher of Nordskog Publishing…along with her husband, Jerry Nordskog. Gail established, what is called, the “Nordskog Collection” where she produces daily prayer journals and inspirational books…one of which we will be talking about today… “Hearts of Purpose.”

Gail has been involved in media of some form or fashion for over two decades now. She has been involved in directing and hosting TV programs that feature interviews with wonderful people in local communities as well as in Christian Ministry.

Her first program was called “A Message for Women”; she briefly co-hosted the “Movie Guide” television show with Dr. Ted Bache, and interviewed celebrities like Tyler Perry, Kirk Cameron and Sandra Bullock.

Her focus is in media ministry, talking with men and women whom God has called into missionary service around the world.   She presently hosts a television program called “Hearts of Purpose” to help her do just that…These programs can be viewed on her website, heartsofpurpose.com.

Today’s interview is about her new book, “Hearts of Purpose.”

I personally have this book and have found the stories contained in it to be truly fascinating book. The stories contained in “Hearts of Purpose” are ALL TRUE STORIES! Fascinating stories as well!

Gail explains why she leads off the book with “Joan of Ark.”

She explains why she chose to use “Joan of Ark” as the cover art for the book.

Gail discusses how she and her husband started “Nordskog Publishing”

Gail explains her passion for international missions.

She explains her with orphans and children as well.

Gail explains the “how and why” she chose to use a “interview” approach to discussing “Joan of Ark” in her book.

 Gail explained it took her about 18 months to write the book. She was able to do this so quickly by having the subjects of her book to write their own autobiography.




email: gail@heartsofpurpose.com

“Hearts of Purpose” on Amazon.com






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