46 Presley Acuna - End Time Book Thriller “The Day and The Hour”

July 25th, 2017

Episode 46 - Show Notes for Presley Acuna Interview

“The Day and The Hour”



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On today’s program…I want to introduce to you PRESLEY ACUNA…the author of a book titled, “The Day and the Hour.” This book is an apocalyptic THRILLER…and I’m am telling you, from what I have briefly read…and – well, I’ve added this book to my “Wish List” and will be reading it, probably about the time you are hearing this broadcast. PRESLEY – WELCOME TO OUR PROGRAM…

Basically, this book examines what would happen if a Messiah were to appear NOW on the modern world stage…It starts in Times Square on New Years Eve in the year 2029…as some crazy guy starts swinging a burning club – yelling and demanding that the revelers around him immediately REPENT of their sins…and suddenly, an entire crowd is swinging these burning torches!...hundreds of people are set on fire…AND THAT’s JUST THE BEGINNING…AMEN!


Why did you write this book, “The Day and the Hour.”

What role do you think Religion plays in today’s society?

Why write about a False Messiah?

Why did you place the fictional event so far into the future? Was it so the book was not going to be labeled as a modern take on the news?

In your book, you have a “NEW POPE” that has succeeded the current Pope, Pope Frances. Why?

I know you tried to get this published through the traditional channels…why did you make the decision just to “Go for it” and self publish the book?

How long did it take you to research the book? (That’s the other thing folks…this book is SPOT ON with it’s in depth accuracy…and some of the photos!) Did you actually travel to these locations discussed in your book?

Tell us more about the cover and some of the pictures…

What is it you are trying to communicate and tell the people with this book? What is the underlying motive?

Did writing this book change your views about Religion?

Now – you started “Percussion Publishing” – correct?

What other books and works has “Percussion Publishing” taken on?

 What project are you working on right now?”

 What kind of response have you received – from ministry “experts” – the Vatican, etc. because of this book?

If our listeners have questions…they want to reach out to you – maybe to ask you to do other interviews, etc…can you provide contact information for them?

 And your book…how can they buy a copy of your book?

 I WANT TO ENCOURAGE ALL OF OUR LISTENERS TO GET OUT THERE AND GET A COPY OF THIS BOOK – I have read “The Day and the Hour” and – it is one of the few books I have read that has captivated me in every chapter! “The Day and the Hour” – get it today.



Email: authors@percussionpublishing.com


Website: www.thedayandthehour.com


Book: The Day and the Hour




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