42 Lane Ethridge - Changing Lanes International - Helping You to Be Successful in Business and in Life

July 11th, 2017

Episode 42 Show Notes for Lane Ethridge

  want you to understand something about today’s guest…if you are stuck in your business…if you stuck in finances…if you are stuck in life in general…well, it’s time to Change Lanes…amen!

 And Lane Ethridge is the man to help you do it. He is founder of Lane Changers International based in North Carolina…he is a four time best selling author…he is a professional sales trainer and entrepreneur  and helps those who are striving for success.  After seeing many take the low road on the path to creating success, he found his passion for helping others determine the right lane for them to remain on the high road to greatness.

Lane is former public school math teacher who realized that was not his calling…he wanted to help more people obtain their God given calling in life…and I’m going to let him give you the details on his background…

 His books include, Changing Lanes; Life in the Fast Lane and KAIROS - all available through Amazon as well ordering through his website…

Other than what I have shared, tell us “Who is Lane Ethridge and what is Lane Changers International all about…”

One of your books is called “Kiros” – what does that mean and why did you choose that title?

Contact information:

Website: Laneethridge.com

 Email: lane@laneethridge.com



 Changing Lanes: Taking your life into Over Drive

 Life in the Fast Lane


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